Top 4 Essentials Fall Front Porch Decoration Ideas

The front porch is the best place to put your DIY fall decor for the world to see. Not only does it welcome you home with the warmth of autumn, it spreads the season to everyone who passes by. There is something about the fall front porch that offers a nostalgia of simpler times when the harvest was a community event. You can go a lot farther than just putting out a pot of Mums you picked up at the grocery store, yet not get commercial. Create a fabulous fall feeling with these fall front porch decorating ideas and they are budget friendly.


Light it up

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Lighting is one of the essentials utility in your house. But, it can be decorating elements too. Therefore, lighting on your porch is also a design element you can play with to show off your home’s aesthetic. Like gas lanterns flanking your front door, copper pendant lights hanging from the porch ceiling, or architectural stair lighting. These all add a warm, welcoming glow to your front porch facade.

Jack-O’-Lantern Is Jack Of All Trade

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One of the most iconic Halloween or fall decoration is Pumpkin Planters. So, you could turn the porch lights on. While glimmering jack-o’-lanterns offer an even better welcome. Or you could turn jack-o’-lantern into a candy holder for trick or threat-ing kids in your neighborhood.

Flower Power

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Flowers perhaps are not for everyone. But, if you’re fond of flower, you could use the flower as a decoration item for your front porch. For that reason, you can fill your containers with autumnal flowers to bring a pop of color to your doorstep. Hence, to make it more visually interesting, choose plants in a variety of colors and textures.

Outdoor Seating

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Just because summers over doesn’t mean we’re ready to head indoors just yet. Add a bright red bench to your front yard, which offers a cheery spot to admire the autumnal foliage and you can use it for the Christmas season too.


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