Top 4 Ideas To Make Your Gallery Wall Transcendent

incorporate a gallery wall can be tricky. When done right, it’s impressive. When done poorly, it can be a mess. Art must be spaced correctly and hung straight. Even so, those aren’t always the biggest problems you face when hanging a gallery wall. How do you differentiate your wall and make sure the end result of all that effort is something you truly love? These five gallery wall hacks will help you nail it.

You can turn an entire wall into a canvas with which you can play. Above all, hanging a gallery wall should be fun. Using these five tips will help you build a gallery wall you, your friends and your family will admire.

Maximize With What You Have

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The answer to highlight your home’s natural flow is by using a gallery wall. Build your wall around the existing fireplace or the line of your stairs. Interweaving your home’s art and architecture marries the two. It also helps your gallery wall look like it belongs, making it an interesting part of your decor rather than a random group of pictures on your wall.

Don’t Over Do It

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Building a perfect gallery may take times. Instead of pulling out your hair trying to nail a large-scale wall on the first go, start simple. A few smaller pictures are a great (and oftentimes more cost-effective) substitute for large artwork. Choose an area where you had planned to hang a single, larger piece and try your hand at a small gallery wall.

Framing Can Be Fun

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Most people will forget that you’re not only playing with art itself. Also, you can play with the frame too. If you’ve ever seen a gallery wall that looked a little bland, the frames may be to blame. In most gallery walls, frame size changes. You don’t have to stop there, though. Add different colors or textures when hanging unframed prints and canvases. Changing up the edging of your artwork gives the eye interesting lines to follow, adding dynamism to your wall.

Consider The Monochromatic

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When you are feeling overwhelmed when picking art for your gallery wall. Take a step back and choose a color that you love and work from there. Having a core color – or even going monochromatic altogether – ensures that every item on your gallery wall works with the whole. When you go monochromatic, you get more freedom to play with spacing and alignment, because your wall will look cohesive regardless.

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