Top 4 Ideas To Update Your Color Scheme Without Touching Brush

When a room is lacking excitement, it’s easy to head straight toward the paint section of the hardware store for some quick inspiration. We don’t need to tell you that painting can be a messy hassle, or that most renters probably don’t even get to consider this colorful solution for their white walls, anyway. So what’s the fix?

You may be picturing major changes, like having to completely repaint the room or get all-new furniture. There are actually several different ways to update the color scheme in your home that doesn’t require a major overhaul. So take a look below for some easy ways to get a new or updated color scheme in your home for the new year.

Get Floral

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Never underestimate the power of flowers to add vibrant color to a room. You can go with feminine, frilly bouquets or keep things classic with a few tall stems. Display them on the coffee table or in the kitchen for maximum wow factor.

Colorful Seating

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Painting exposed brick would just be a crime, so you’ll want to find other ways to add colors, like bright yellow seating and bold pendant lighting in the kitchen. Painting kitchen stools are much easier and more fun than painting the whole kitchen, and you can change the color whenever the mood strikes!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

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Another idea for breathing some color into your space is to choose new shades in the throw pillows. The photo above shows how some simple throw pillows add a layer of color to the neutral room. These do a good job of creating layers of color in red, orange and pale yellow. And you really can’t get any easier than placing some throw pillows.

Along the same lines, you can also use a large throw blanket over a sofa or chair in a bright color. That can breathe a good dose of new color into space and is also very easy to place.

Throw Down a Rug

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The walls are gray, but this room is anything but drab! Everything from the colorful seating and throw pillows to that graphic rug makes this room full of personality! A rug is a great way to pull a room together and add some sneaky color accents.

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