Top 4 Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Every house has a storing cabinet, whether a contemporary cabinet or a modern buffet. There will always be a space or room for it, but to keep the balance between design and functionality is not an easy task. We’re going to talk about cabinets in the kitchen, how can we transform a mere cabinet into a more eye-catching one.

Minimalist and hidden kitchen

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If a hidden and minimalist kitchen is what you want, then this unique kitchen decor style may be yours. You would have to consult a metal fabricator and cabinet door maker to have these custom cabinets made to your specifications. One thing to remember: hot-rolled galvanized steel will result in a different look each time — no two will ever be the same.

Modern space kitchen without upper cabinets

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By removing the upper section cabinets entirely, maybe not be the first choice for everyone, but by doing so you can really achieve quite the open, modern space. Of course, this style may not be right for those who require a lot of kitchen storage.

A modern stained wood kitchen cabinet

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White color cabinets are not on trending right now, but you can still stain wooden cabinets with a tint of color to make it more unique and classy designs. It’ll make your cabinet sleek, clean, and unique with just a touch of color. this stained style is a representation of back to nature and extreme modernism in one item.

Floating shelves kitchen cabinets

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The clean line is an essence of modern design. The best way to achieve a clean open floor plan than by doing with kitchen cabinets and installing floating shelves. Usually, people choose floating shelves for the upper cabinets and then have closed cabinets for the bottom half their kitchen. this allows hiding all the “ugly” appliances and utensils.

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