Top 4 Tips On How To Arranging Your Home For Entertaining

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means that it’s time to start preparing your home for entertaining. Whether you are having a few family members or a large dinner party. There are several ways in which you can rearrange your furniture to make it more appropriate for making guests feel comfortable and welcome.

You love entertaining. But you haven’t been doing much of it recently because your living space just isn’t made to fit all your loved ones in it.

Sound like you? Well, we have some good news. You don’t need a 5,000-square-foot home to host a party. With a little advance planning and attention to detail. Therefore, you can throw a bash that’s big on entertainment value even if it’s in a small space.

Nothing Say Louder “You’re Welcome” Than A Welcoming Foyer

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You need to pay attention to the foyer area when you’re arranging your home for entertaining. Make sure it’s welcoming and stylish to set the tone as guests enter. The photo above shows a good example.

Small accents like plants can give a touch of warmth and life. Hence, Having personalized items like art or family photos in the foyer can make space feel like a natural part of the house.

Matching rugs, like in the photo above, give a sense of well-planned cohesion and can help set the design tone that guests can expect in the rest of the home. Seating areas by the door are good for guests to take off shoes or have a rest. And remember, foyer color is important. Little additions like these can help the foyer feel less cold and forgotten, as can often be the case with such a space.

Anticipated Your Guest Interest With Accommodating Spaces

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It can be tempting to have a pattern where the furniture is organized surrounding the TV when you’re arranging your home for entertaining. After all, that’s how we tend to live the rest of the time when we don’t have guests over. However, you might want to pay special attention to how your space is organized so different interests can be accommodated. Not everyone likes to sit around and watch football.

For instance, the photo above shows a gaming room for people who like to be more active at parties. You might also try having tables and chairs set out with games on them or poker tables set up. Also, think about individual seating areas set away from the TV for people who like intimate conversations.

Feeding Your Guests

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When space is tight in the dining room, position things on the table strategically, so people won’t have to keep getting up. For example, put several sets of salt and pepper on the table and a few bread baskets. Try using a tablecloth so the room feels more festive — and bigger. Keep the centerpiece small and simple so as not to take up too much space.

Whether you hold a dinner party or just serve drinks and apps, have people label their drinks with a sharpie, some DIY wine glass charms or different cup holders. This way you don’t end up with a pile of glasses on the counter, which makes small spaces feel cluttered.

Sectionals Sofa For Small Rooms

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The seating ideas above tend to work well if you have a larger space. But for smaller spaces, a larger sectional sofa can work well for seating guests. It’s counterintuitive, but larger one-piece furniture sets like this work well in smaller rooms since the spacing between chairs can actually take up more floor space.

The photo above shows how a larger sectional can work in a narrower room. People can either sit next to each other and talk or watch TV. The four-piece ottoman set can also be a good place to put serving trays for snacks, as long as there isn’t a grabby pet around.

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