Top 4 Ways To Embrace Fun And Creative Boho Style In Your Home

Have you always wanted a more free-spirited and artsy space, but have never quite had the courage to try it? Then 2019 might be your year for getting an exciting boho style. Boho is showing back up in home trends this year. Short for bohemian, boho style is all about finding what’s unique, fun, interesting, artsy and relaxed for a home.

Rustic Texture And Bright Colors For A Boho Style

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Not many people think to combine a boho look with rustic interiors. However, it makes sense. The boho look arose out of the bohemian lifestyle of the 19th Century and onward. It was once marked by unconventional lifestyles for the times, frugality and a life devoted to artistic pursuits. As such, many bohemians lived in the then-affordable artistic districts of large cities. Hence, like Greenwich Village is one of the most popular examples).

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So by choosing either a purposefully rustic or industrial interior. Thus, you could effectively create a feeling of those early art district apartments. You can see in the photo above. Thus, how such a look combines well with bright shoots of color with added boho vibe.

Colorful Fabrics On The Wall

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One key hallmark of the boho style is bold and colorful patterns in fabrics. Because they look so cultural, they also help give your space the globe-trotting, free-spirited vibe common in the boho style, even if you don’t travel as much as you’d like.

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The photo above shows how using these prints and textures in unusual ways helps add to the artsy feel. For instance, you might hang one of these fabrics on the wall as unconventional, free-flowing artwork. You can also see how these bold textures and colors are reflected in other pieces in the space, like the lamp, tablecloth and pillow.

Purposefully Mismatched Furniture

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One of the ways to get a boho look with the biggest impact is to go for uncommon furniture combinations. This instantly packs a feeling of free-spirited unconventionality. You can see in the photo above how such a look was achieved by combing a standard sectional sofa with rustic woven chairs. The upturned basket as a coffee table gives an additional feel of free-flowing space.

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Additional elements in the room add to the boho look, too. Exposed rafters juxtapose with sleek, dark walls for an artsy feel. The pattern and bold colors in the carpet add those quintessential boho fabric textures. And the pillows add fun shots of color.

Unconventional Furniture Pieces

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Another idea is to go for many outright unconventional furniture pieces, like in the photo above. As large fixtures in the room, furniture always instantly sets the tone of the space. An example is the artsy swinging moon chair. The ornate rocker also gives the space a feeling of unconventionality. Other elements like the hanging potted plant and large cushion on the floor give the space a fun, relaxed, free-spirited feel.

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As you can see, it’s hard to prescribe exactly what should be in a boho space. These spaces are as unique as possible. So you might combine some of the ideas above or find fun, artsy items in a thrift store to make the space all your own. The true fun with the boho style is to make it uniquely you.

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