Top 5 Cheap Decorating Ideas

Decorating sometimes can be an expensive thing. Especially when you’re on a tight budget. But, rest assured, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled some really easy, budget decorating ideas to help you improve your home. Small updates really can make a big difference. all they require is a trip into the loft, a tin of paint and a little love.

Green Thing

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You know that plants can produce oxygen and clean the air? so put it in one of your room. Because plants breathe life into any scheme and in an all-white room like this one they add a gorgeous hit of color. If you don’t like the real thing. Don’t worry, there are loads of great fake available and they look really realistic.

Change The Wall

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If you want to change your walls, one of the easiest ways is to simply paint them. And it doesn’t really matter if you paint them a new color, or simply put a fresh coat on – both will make major differences in how the room feels. You don’t have to actually paint the walls to make them different though. You could instead put up an attractive wallpaper border, or stencil some designs on as a border instead. Borders can be placed at the very top of the walls, or around the middle area instead, to create a more old-fashioned, rich and elegant look.

Oldies but goodies

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Sometimes old is better, like a piece of well-worn furniture. don’t throw it out yet. Just take another look and see if you might be able to upcycle it. This wardrobe has been given a new look with remnants of wallpaper on the glass panels. A coat of paint or varnish, or new upholstery, are other easy ways to give an unloved piece another go.

Change Your Bed

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If you want to change your bed looks, you can buy a new comforter, duvet, or bedspread. Better yet: Buy an entirely new set complete with sheets and pillow shams. If you’re not able to buy an entire set, then get just one or two items. The bed covering and pillow shams make the largest difference, so I’d suggest starting with those.

Hanging on the Shelves

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It’s time to get in touch with your creative side and channel it. Whether you want to keep favorite reads easily to hand or display beautiful trinkets, you cannot go wrong with a simple shelf. Shelves are obviously practical, but they also offer the opportunity to add character to your scheme.

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