Top 5 Easy and Fast Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer decorating is a fun activity to do. It’s a great excuse to update your decor too. Summer activities can take you inside and out this season, and that means you’ll have plenty of spaces to decorate. The key to a summer makeover is light fabrics, bright colors and even a touch of beach-inspired decor. You can update your home for the season with just a few accessories or go big and add a stunning outdoor dining set.

It’s Time For Summer Duvet Cover

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A new duvet cover can makeover your bedroom in an instant. Look for light fabrics like linen and cotton for comfortable bedding even when the weather heats up. Beach-inspired patterns and colors are perfect for summer decorating. Even if you aren’t embracing a full coastal theme in your home, you can add touches of beach style in any room when you work within your color palette.

Bring Summer To Your Bathroom With New Shower Curtain

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One of the focal points in the bathroom is your shower curtain. By replacing your shower curtain seasonally is such an easy and inexpensive way to update your bathroom. Properly clean, dried, and stored, you can rotate shower curtains in and out every season. For an extra bit of summer decorating magic have one set of seasonal towels to match with your new shower curtain.

Colorful Outdoor

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You know it’s summer when your party is outside of your home. So choose a comfortable outdoor seating set that encourages conversation and lingering. Bright outdoor pillows and throws for chilly summer nights are a must. If you’re creating a space that ties your indoor decor to the outdoors, choose accessories that fit into the color palette you already have in your home.

Fresh Style Of Macrame

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macrame and handmade accessories are giving you a vibe of summer, it’ll feel like a perfect fit for the season. Mixing handcrafted decor in natural colors and materials with boho or contemporary furnishings creates a relaxed summer style. Add softness to your bedroom or living room by replacing framed art with macrame and woven wall hangings.

Let Your Patio Shine By Using A Rug


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Indoor/outdoor rugs can bring color and pattern outside. Look for rugs with lots of summer color, as they are the best focal point for your outdoor decorating plan. Your outdoor seating and cushions may be pretty neutral, so you can be creative when choosing your rug, pillows, and accessories. An easy and fun tip for choosing the best indoor/outdoor rug is to match a few colors from your summer-blooming flowers in the rug’s pattern.

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