Top 5 Easy New Year Resolution For A Profesional Procrastinator And Busy People

The new year is a time for a change. This annual milestone is typically accompanied by new goals, plans, and objectives. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep their new year’s resolutions, often because the goals are so inconvenient that they become unsustainable. And if you’re busy. Hence, it’s twice as hard to remain steadfast. However, we’ve compiled a list of relatively easy ways that you can make small changes in your home this year. Here are 10 new year’s resolutions you can keep.

Save Electricity Without Thinking About It

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If you hate having to get up off of the sofa to turn off the light. Or you keep forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave the house. Therefore, consider a product like Deako Smart Lighting. Thus,, which has schedules and timers so you can control your lights from anywhere. There’s also a neat feature that allows you to turn off all of your lights with a single touch. It’s a great way to save money on your electricity bill. And, if you’ve added “saving” to your list of new year’s resolutions, it can make keeping your resolution a snap.

Wash Wisely

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“Stop putting dirty dishes and cups in the sink, and then putting them in the dishwasher later,” Reich advises. “Do a quick rinse and load the dishwasher in the moment,” she says. Reich also recommends filling the dishwasher properly, which means putting like items together. “If you do, emptying the dishwasher will take a literal three minutes,” she says. Using the dishwasher also saves more water than hand-washing dishes in the sink, another way to minimize utility bills and help you with your new year’s resolution to save money.

Avoid Clutter

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If you hate having to clean clutter, here’s a thought: don’t let clutter accumulate in the first place. “Consider cleaning as you go,” recommends professional organizer Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants. “Get in the habit of picking things up and putting them away as you’re walking around the house and working in various rooms.” She also recommends putting items where you’ll actually use them. “You’ll have a better chance of putting items away if they’re stored where you take them out,” Reich explains.

Organize and Label

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These containers can be purchased at almost any big box store, and the labels help you keep everything neatly organized. “The new year is the perfect time to set resolutions. And get a fresh start on organizing your life and space,” explains Jacquie Hunter at Brother. Therefore, which makes the P-touch CUBE Label Maker. “Convenient features like pre-designed templates and auto-cut save you time. And the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily create customized labels directly from your phone to label kitchen ingredients, out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations and endless other items.”

Grow a Green Thumb

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If you don’t have a green thumb, commit to buying at least one plant this year. And if you don’t kill it, you may discover that you actually like tending to plants. Besides adding beauty to your home, studies show that fresh flowers can lower anxiety and depression, and some of the best and easy-to-care-for indoor plants include Golden Pothos and Chrysanthemums. After you become more comfortable indoor plants, you may decide to start growing perennials, shrubs, and other plants in your yard.

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