Top 5 Plants to Refresh Your Home

If you’re trying to spice things up for your home decoration, you could always use an indoor living plant. It can make your room a little greener, it can serve as a hobby to nourish the plant when you’re home, it served as a natural air purifier, the most important things is it can de-stress you out.

Here are several indoor living plants which you can choose for your home.

Rubber Tree

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The rubber tree is one of the most efficient living plants for cleaning the air from toxin and purifying the air. it also one of the easiest plant to maintain. It only needs watering and a very little light from the sun to grow.

Snake plant

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Snake plant proved very useful for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and what distinguishes this plant from other plants is the absorb-release cycle is happening during the night, so it’ll fit perfectly to be placed in the bedroom. This plant also needs very little water and sunlight.


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Bonsai is one of the “hobby” plants. It will need a lot of attention like trimming, proper watering, and fertilizing. But by doing so, you are going to have a sense of achievement, inner peace, and bonsai also can be a conversation talking point when your friends are visiting. The bonsai tree is usually placed in the living room.

Golden Photos

(Source: Gardening Know How)

If you are looking for indoor living plants in NASA list, you may want to consider this plant as your kitchen decorations. this plans listed in the NASA list because it can absorb formaldehyde very efficiently. it needs bright indirect sunlight and not too much water. this plants also poisonous. Therefore, keep it out of children and pet reach.

Spider Plant

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The benefit of a spider plant is to absorb carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless and odorless toxic gas, which can be lethal to the human. It causes a headache, dizziness, weakness, exhaustion and many things. so it’ll be wise to put this plant in a room which is the center of house activities.

These are a few indoor living plants that will benefit you greatly if you have it at home.

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