Top 5 Things You Need To Have If You Want A Scandinavian Vibe

What can we learn from Scandinavian countries when designing our homes?. For starters, there’s hygge—or the art of making a home feel cozy and welcoming. Then, there is minimalism—or the skill of exercising restraint with anything from knickknacks to furniture. At the core of it, all are a few key pieces that seem to pop up in every Scandinavian home. From midcentury Danish chairs to cozy sheepskin throws. Thus, here are five Scandinavian capsule décor pieces you’re likely to find in every home from Denmark to Sweden.

Classic Midcentury Chairs

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Europeans often pay a lot more attention to the provenance of their furniture pieces than we do in American. Hence, this rings true especially for Scandinavians who have an affinity for classic midcentury Danish design pieces.

A Vintage Moroccan Rug

(Source: Westchesternyrugs)

Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs may feel a little overdone in the U.S. but in the Scandinavian context. Therefore, they are still very much a staple of Nordic homes and contribute to giving minimalistic spaces with modern lines and cool neutral colors a bit of warmth and coziness.

Dramatic Sculptural Lighting

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Just like they do to their chairs, Scandinavians pay careful attention to their lighting—often splurging on timeless modern design classics like pieces by French designer Serge Mouille. These spider-like pieces come in every form and always make a big impact in any room.

Black Sheepskin Throws

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Usually spotted draped over a chair, bench, or sofa, dark sheepskin throws are a staple of Scandinavian design—and contribute to the hygge philosophy to make a home feel welcoming and cozy. One tip: Do not use sparingly.

Statement Lounge Chairs

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If there was one item in a Scandinavian home that consistently seems to steal the show, it would be an artfully positioned modern armchair. Midcentury modern Danish designers have created some of the most iconic chair designs in the last century, and Scandinavians like to proudly show them off in every corner of the home.

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