Top 5 Ways To Decorate With Books

People nowadays living in the age of digital books. But books are still a large part of life for many of us, even though figuring out where and how to store a growing collection can get surprisingly complicated. The obvious solution is bookshelves.

Which raises more questions: should you go with set-in bookshelves, shelves that dominate a wall, or small accent shelves? Of course, bookshelves aren’t the end-all, be-all of book storage. There are baskets, floating shelves—so many more options to choose from.

Decorative Accents x Bookshelf

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You can make your bookshelf a bit more personal. With a touch of mixing photos, pieces of art, vases and anything else you’ve managed to collect over the years among your book collection. It’s a strategy that works wonderfully in traditional styles which tend to favor a lot of decorative and visual elements in a space.

Arrange It By Its Color

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You can make a rainbow out of your bookshelf. Just by Arranging books by the color you can create a beautiful rainbow design. Using this method adds pretty pops of color to the room, creating an interesting sense of visual contrast, as well as a touch of playfulness.

Get Creative With Shelving

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You can create a shelving over doorways, under stair spaces or anywhere else it would reasonably fit in, feel free to get creative. It’s a great way to store books without taking up floor space, so built-in shelving is a good option for small spaces, too.

Decorate With Books By Going Casual, Purposefully

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With the right design, sky-high book stacks are a fun addition to more casually designed spaces. Place a plant or photo on top of the book tower for even more of a funky, fun vibe. Flat board at the base of the book tower: it gives the books a steady base and keeps the bottommost book off the floor.

Make’em Floating

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a solid choice for modern spaces that favor creative geometric styles. The open spaces left by the shorter shelving leaves room for added knickknacks between the books. Use your imagination: floating shelving works over doorways, under stair spaces—practically anywhere else you have some empty wall space.

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