Top 5 Ways To Maximize Your Shinny Windows

A bright, sunny window sets the mood for your whole home. In fact, it might be the sole reason you bought or rented your home: because you pictured yourself lazing in the sunbeam, just like a cat. But deciding exactly what to do with your perfect, sun-filled window can be a challenge. A dedicated reading corner? Lots and lots of plants? All the things? Or maybe you should dedicate the whole space to your actual cats.

Take a deep breath and picture how you want to enjoy your sunny space. And if you’re still struggling for the perfect inspiration, these 5 ideas may help you decide.

Let Your Succulents Dangle

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Take your terrarium-making hobby to the next level by dangling your homemade creations against the window. (And if you go store-bought, we won’t tell.) Or fill round glass vases with gorgeous sun-seeking succulents to keep them happy and well-fed. Embrace the Perfect Mess filled glass ball planters from the Dollar Tree with dirt, moss, and river rocks to help her plants thrive.

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Soften the Light

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Sunny windows are a wonderful addition to their room—but there is one drawback. They’re sunny. Watching television, eating dinner, or even just holding a casual conversation all increase a difficulty level when you’re busy shading your eyes. Tone down the brightness with luxurious gauzy curtains perfectly sized to your window in a neutral shade. White curtains may be the most modern—as seen in this fashion designer slash priest’s German apartment showcased on Organized Home, but any toned-down shade will temper the sun.

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Brighten Your Work Space

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Whether you work from home or just need a place to wrap up paperwork over the weekends, consider transforming your sunniest window into a glorious workspace. In this home featured on Dreams and Jeans, where a streamlined white desk overlooks a riot of trees. Keep the space minimal and hyper-organized for maximum calming effects. For artists—or anyone else hoping to integrate more nature into their work routines—this sunny set-up might be life-changing.

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Turn the Space Into a Bookshelf

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Your gorgeous, comfortable reading nook wouldn’t be complete without places to read—and lucky for you, a sunny window is a perfect spot for a bookshelf. Line the windowsill with your favorite paperback books or just stack them underneath the sill, like in this stunning shot captured by photographer The Slow Traveler. Weathered pages make a complementary neutral accent for white walls, and colorful spines can turn plain into fantastical.

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Build a Window Seat

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Nothing beats the classic, built-in look of a window seat. Imagine stretching out in the sunlight, your back supported by a soft cushion. Or cozy up at dinner by installing a window seat that matches perfectly with your dining table, just like Almost Makes Perfect’s gentle white and wood space. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get this stunning effect—many of IKEA’s cabinets and dressers can be turned into seating. (Almost Makes Perfect used the NORDLI.) Or, DIY the project inexpensively.

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