Top 6 Updated Classical Living Room Ideas

Everyone easily admits that the living room is the most lived-in space in the entire home. This stresses the need to make the space attractive, cozy and homely for it to inspire. Below are six fresh ideas that albeit classic, make any living room seem like a big bowl of happiness.

Classic Design With Old World Glamour

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Living rooms that borrow this idea have a traditional feel that revolves around a single color scheme with accessories and fabrics exhibiting gleaming finishes. Its signature look is the coffered ceilings.

Authentic Traditionally-Styled Living Room

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This idea mainly embodies the beauty and simplicity of whites or neutral cream palette. Living rooms designed around the traditional style exhibit strong symmetry especially in the use of space and accessories; for instance, balanced candle holders, symmetry in furniture, windows, and other structures.

Classic With A Formal Touch

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This idea retains a strong classical look even though it integrates two or more styles. The characteristics tones that highlight this idea are cream, blue and rose complemented by dark wood accents, and symmetry depicted by chairs flanking sofas and tasteful display of artwork.

Traditional Design With A Soft Elegance

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Such living rooms rely on the nature of green and light cream color palettes to bring out some softness and a welcoming feel. They are high-end but may look frugal. An attractive oil painting here or there only heightens the casual elegance.

Reproduced Classic Design On A Budget

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The classic idea need not necessarily be dear; department store furniture, oil painting, and reproduced chair can create an astonishing classic look. Throw in some plants and a few family photos and voila!

Formal Classic With An Open Concept

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This design is almost similar to the neo-classic design especially the bright white walls that contrast with the dark wood floors. However, its open plan and large windows point to a bias to natural lighting.

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