Top Ways To Make Your Bathroom Smells Good

The bathroom is the most frequently used rooms in a home. There has been Study that said people frequent go to the bathroom 4-7 times a day, on average. Needless to say, a bathroom is a place that can get dirty rather quickly and leave a lingering odor. This is a huge problem for homeowners and can create an unpleasant impression on the guests. So here are a couple of tips to keep your bathroom clean and smells good.

Breaking bad(smell)

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One of the functions of the air purifier is to get rid of the bad smelling odor. So, by installing an air purifier in your bathroom you can effectively keep the air in the bathrooms fresh and clean. The size of air purifiers that you need, it’s depends on your bathroom size.

Clean it like you mean it

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If you want your bathroom smell nice and clean. the simplest thing you can do is routinely cleaning your shower case or tub, toilet, sink and bathroom floor. You can multiple products to keep it clean, like Lysol, keep a laundry basket, keep a microfiber cloth near your sink, keep a shower case or tub cleaner.

Automatic Toilet Cleaner

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Toilet bowls are the number one of the producing odor in your bathroom and it’s not easy to clean it. A dirty toilet can build up bacteria and leave a foul smell in the bathroom. To make cleaning your toilet an easier task, you can buy and install an automatic toilet bowl cleaner, which cleans your toilet every time you flush.

The usual suspect

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Mold and mildew are the usual suspects for the smelly bathroom. To prevent mold, you need to scrub your tiles frequently. Mildew usually grow in the tub or shower, where the moisture is more prevalent. Spray down shower cases with a cleaner and wiper and regularly clean your tub and shampoo cubbies.

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