Unique Curtain That Make Your Jaw Drop

A curtain is one of the most common household decoration in the world, no matter what the culture is or which region that you are from. besides the normal function to block sunlight and draft. curtain too can be beautiful and unique to decorate your house.

here are several curtain ideas to step up your home decoration game.

Matchstick Blinds

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If your home doesn’t have a large house or you need a curtain for a small room, then you don’t need to look further, matchstick blind is your answer. it’s compact, easy to clean, it’ll bring a little ethnicity, and gonna save you lot of space in your home.

Lavender Curtain

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If you have a dark room and need to soften its tone, perhaps you need this kind of curtain style. It will bring balance and soften the tone in your dark room. Plus this kind of curtain will give you a hint of classy.

Roman Shades

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Roman Shades is a very traditional window curtain, hence the name Roman. It is been used since the Roman times and still look very good nowadays. It will make give your room a bold and streamlined accent.

Valance Curtain

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Other than to hide to the curtain rod, curtain rail, and traverse rod. valance too can be a decoration that can improve your house decoration. it can be paired too with a curtain or blind to make a perfect match. valance too has been around for a long time. it rooted in the Renaissance Era.

Whimsical Printed Curtains

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This kind of curtain is perfect for the kid’s room. it is colorful, bright, and cheerful. Some experts said that room with a colorful and bright tone room is good for improving mood and to energize your body. So if you want to set the tone of your room to be colorful and cheerful this is the one you need.


That is some of the unique curtains that I can recommend. Hope it will help you to find the one that you need.

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