Use These Cool Tricks When Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are generally always found in bathrooms, bedrooms, or changing rooms in the house. The furniture piece serves an important function for changing while double as decorating pieces. Decorating with mirrors allows you to dd some dramatic flair to the room that sparks interest and show off personal style while making the space bigger than it actually is. Provided you know the right ways to maximize both the function and fashion of the mirrors you use, you can easily transform your small, boring rooms into a more spacious and interesting space.

Here are some tips to apply when you are decorating with mirrors.

Optical Illusion

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Mirors are known for their ability to bring an optical illusion. This piece brings light to the room which tricks the eyes into believing that the space is larger. When decorating with mirrors, take advantage of this functiion. When you position the mirrors the right way, you will be able to expand a small room and make it look bigger. You should put the mirror adjacent to or across a window to make an illusion that there is a second windown in the room. This will boost natural light and add depth to the room.

Full-size mirrors

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Another way to take advantage of mirrors’ functional purpose is by using big mirrors in small spaces. Place a full-size mirror at the hallway, right at the end of it. Decorating with mirrors this way will make the narrow hallway seem more open-ended, bigger, and brighter.

Small Mirrors Combination

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Combinations of small mirrors of various shapes and sizes will create a wall that is beautiful. While dramatic flair is certainly what you will achieve by decorating with mirrors this way, try to not be over-the-top that makes the wall feel cramped and overwhelmed. Choose mirros with different frames and leave enough space between a mirror and another. This will add some fun visual texture and make the house feel more like an interesting gallery. You can also add some photos and artworks into the arrangement.

Light Source Adjustment

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When you decorate with mirrors, make sure that you adjust the position of the mirrors with adjustment to the light sources in mind. Mirrors play with lights in interesting ways so make sure you take advantage of this function.

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